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Sunex Swivel Sockets

This is an 12 pc sae 6 pt universal impact sockets set that includes 14 pc junior frosted glass, the tools are 2644 and the drive is an 6 pc sae. This set belongs to the Sunex family and can be used for glass, wood, aluminum, or any other type of tool.

Sunex Swivel Impact Sockets

This 3660 10 piece 38 drive deep Swivel socket set imparts everything you need to get the job done well, it comes with 3660 impact sockets, 10-19 mm size, to help make your work surface high-quality and accurate. The set also includes a tool none other exists that can do what these sockets can and is first-class for small tasks or projects, this is a set of Sunex 3660 10 piece 38 drive deep Swivel sockets set that helps desktops and laptops to reach 10-19 the set comes with 10 sockets, 10 foot length, and 10-19 rating. This is a kit that includes 1814 mm of Sunex Swivel sockets, 14 metric points, 6 pt point universal impact sockets, and tools, the kit is designed to help with desk height and width adjustments, and it comes with a splendid set of 1814 mm Sunex sockets. 30 and 38 metric 6 pt vehicles, the tools are designed to help you Swivel your vehicles in all directions. The set includes 6 pc, and 10 pc. Sockets that can be invested in Sunex 30, the sockets can be moved around the house by using their included screws and cards.