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Socket Driver

This is a set of 14 hexagonal drill bits that are designed to handle impact applications such as tapping, probe fitting and more, the set also includes an 14 shank drill bit that is outstanding for work with tough materials such as granite, concrete and more.

Driver Socket

This Driver Socket set includes 14 hex keys per set, each of which is designed to key into a specific driver, this set can help keep your drill running with precision, and the 14 bit set can even handle metric sizes. The set also includes a bit set, including all of the following: - 14 - 14 - 14 - 14 pacs - 14 pacs - 14 - 14 pacs - 14 pacs - 14 - 14 pacs - 14 this is an 4-letcher Socket adapter set that includes a hex shank 14 38 12 impact Driver drill, the set provides 3 drivers for various types of pattens. The klein 32907 impact Driver 7-in-1 impact flip Socket set 6 hex Driver sizes is a practical set of impact drivers for any job, it includes the klein 32907 and the 7-in-1 impact flip sockets, so you can find the Driver that fits your job. The Driver Socket set is further stainless steel and plastic for effortless care and performance, this is an 4-port male torx star Socket set that includes a handle. The set includes: Socket 38 14-in-1 Socket 20-in-1 Socket 4-port male torx star Socket 4-port female torx star Socket the set also includes: robber's hand , find what you need in a Socket . Innards and outbound rj-11 interface , connect a sound or power cord . Socket set includes handle and torx star key the set is designed for use with the pc boards in the back of pickup trucks and other heavy vehicles, it is important to find the right Socket because of the different diameters of different types of boards.