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Socket 478

This is a delicious gateway Socket for your computer, it is a best-in-class substitute for web or app builders, or for building larger web applications. The 478 desktop board is a first-rate substitute for building muscle cars or other types of this product tests and features cloth and plastic packaging for safety, the product is again moisture and heat resistant.

Socket 478 Cpu List

Socket 478 is a powerful and efficient Socket that is outstanding for powering down and shutting down machines, the 478 chipset provides plenty of power for taking care of everything from servers to itches. The gigabyte Socket 478 8 motherboard io panel is an 8 part that provides a common interface for intel processors, the card provides an 512 mb ram memory and an 8 interface. The card is a bare-metal device that supports up to'' 2 ghz performance, Socket 478 processors are designed for data-driven lifestyles. Packed with features, these boards are designed to allow your computer to get your 945 gc-m4 Socket 478 computer now! This new model grants all the features you need to get you up and running, with splendid performance and low price for an all-in-one experience, this computer is top-of-the-heap for data-driven living. With this computer, you can access your files, play games, and work with information without breaking the bank, the asus p4 s800 d-x Socket 478 intel motherboard is a good substitute for shoppers wanting for an intel pentium 4 cpu and 2 gb ram. It comes with a comfortable design and good performance.