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Sk 1/4 Drive 5/8 Deep Socket

This Socket is a deeper Socket with 12" width and 38" depth, it is supplied with an 14" drive. It is good for use with an 3 pts or 4 pts arm.

Vintage Sk 1/4 Socket Set

This is a beneficial set of two sockets for vintage skis, the set includes 12 Drive 6 pt. and 12 pt, positions for each. The regulator is produced of metric precision content, the sockets Deep Socket is an excellent way for folks that need to Drive 6 pt. 8 pt or 12 pt screws, the Socket is manufactured of salary cased stainless steel and grants an 14" long threads. The Socket imparts a reach of about 5" and is produced of brass, this is an 5/8-in. -diameter Socket that imparts an 8-in, it is a sockets 12-in. Permanent type and is it is produced by sockets, the sockets Deep Socket contains 12 sockets (38 14). The Socket has a briefcase to keep the sockets out of your politeness, this sockets is splendid for drives 6-8 in position. The Socket offers a drilling feel to it.