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Pentium 4 Socket

The Pentium 4 Socket is a top-grade choice for intel processor sets, this set comes with an 2. 8 ghz processor and an 900 mhz bus, the Socket 478 comes with an 486 processor and an 800 mhz bus.

Cheap Pentium 4 Socket

This Pentium 4 Socket is from intel and it is an 4 th generation platform that features an 3, 8 ghz and a memory type of sdr that supports aversion of s3 v4 e ddr3-1867 with a bandwidth of 2. It also supports aversion of s3 v4 e ddr3-1467 with a bandwidth of 1, this Pentium 4 Socket is a bit of a high-end model and it is sterling for businesses that need to provide high-speed access to a large amount of data. This Pentium 4 Socket pc from usa seller Pentium 233 mhz is a splendid step up from your old Pentium 3, with its powerful 2 of mx3 cache, it'sdevelopment can only go forward. It provides a very simple, clear and easy-to-use step-by-step instruction set, it's also Pentium 4 socketed. This is a top-rated choice for shoppers who wish for the latest and greatest technology, this is c max ii Socket 478 Pentium 4 motherboard set. It comes with an intel 875 p extreme Pentium 4 motherboard and 4 open c max ii sockets, it is good for up to 128 gb of memory. This Socket 478 is new and factory original, it presents a very low price. So if you want to buy it, then you should not miss this opportunity to buy an excellent computer.