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Craftsman Socket Wrench Set 19 Piece

This Craftsman Socket Wrench Set is a best-in-class way to improve your Socket Wrench skills, this Set comes with 19 pieces that are specific are for specific applications. The clips are detachable which makes it straightforward to take it with you wherever you go, the clips are also weather resistant which always a bonus.

Craftsman Socket Wrench Set 19 Piece Walmart

This Craftsman Socket Wrench Set comes with 19 pieces that are 14 drives wide and one universal socket, it is ideal for use in applications where proper luxury and speed are key. The tools come with a review manual which provides comprehensive information on how the tools work and how to operate them, this Set of Craftsman Socket Wrench sets is designed for straightforward on-the-go use. Each tool comes with an 6-1/2" long sae-keyed tube, which allows for years of use, the tools are also weatherproofed for your convenience. This Craftsman 19-piece -v- Socket Wrench Set is a top-rated alternative to keep your tools wanting new, the Set includes 19 wrenches, from which you can choose one or all of the following. You can also choose to operate a drive original case or a case with an 93973, the Set comes with case and all 19 of the tool. This is an unrivaled Set of tools for any Craftsman work, the Socket Set includes 19 pieces which are metric and have a refugees fit. The tool itself is in first-rate condition with no flaws, the metric Socket Set includes 3 tools: a micro-tabbedit renders a micro-clamp for way- joined by a small hardwood keystone. The Set also includes a crafted tool and a single tool for general work.